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"I am fortunate in having three excellent ingredients – hard working staff, loyal customers and top quality meat provided by local farmers as a result of high standards of husbandry.” -
Wil Lloyd

We operate the last small independant abbatoir in Montgomeryshire. As a consequence of events in recent years, the closure of many smaller independant abbatoirs has resulted in a substantial increase in the road transportation of livestock in the UK. In contrast, the meat prepared by us comes from some of the least travelled livestock in the EU - with many regular suppliers being less than 30 minutes away by road and the furthest one only 20 miles away.

I like to buy anything that's local and my customers can see at a glance where it comes from and how far it has travelled. The animals I buy are not stressed by long journeys - there is no flow of adrenalin, which means my meat is in prime condition.

Not only that, but in this Age of Traceability, we publish weekly listings of all of the farmers that we buy stock from, complete with contact details. We believe that it is vital that customers, some of whom now travel from as far away as Liverpool and Cardiff, have full confidence in the food that they buy.

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